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Pakistan Mountaineering & fixed data expeditions

K-2 (8611-M)
Nanga Parbat (8126)
Spantik (7027)
Broad Peak (8047)
Gasherbrum-II (8035)
Muztagh-Ata Peak (7546) Expedition from Islamabad
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Baltoro Concordia K2 Trek. K2 base camp trekking

Guaranteed departure date program with experienced mountaineering guide: 15 July to 4 August 2013.

Baltoro glacier from air
The Baltoro glacier from the air, looking east. (From L-R): Marbal Peak, Gasherbrum IV, Gasherbrum II(behind Gasherbrum IV), Concordia, Gasherbrum I, Mitre Peak, Golden Throne, and Chogolisa (or Bride Peak).
Picture appreciation:
Baltoro region from space annotated
Baltoro region as seen from the ISS
Picture appreciation:

The Baltoro Glacier

The Baltoro Glacier, at 62 kilometers long, is one of the longest glaciers outside the polar regions. It is located in Baltistan, in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, and runs through part of the Karakoram mountain range. The Baltoro Muztagh lies to the north and east of the glacier, while the Masherbrum Mountains lie to the south. At 8,611 m (28,251 ft), K2 is the highest mountain in the region, and three others within 20 km top 8,000 m.

The glacier gives rise to the Shigar River, which is a tributary of the Indus River. Several large tributary glaciers feed the main Baltoro glacier, including the Godwin Austen Glacier, flowing south from K2; the Abruzzi and the various Gasherbrum Glaciers, flowing from the Gasherbrum group of peaks; the Vigne Glacier, flowing from Chogolisa, and the Yermandendu Glacier, flowing from Masherbrum. The confluence of the main Baltoro Glacier with the Godwin Austen Glacier is known as Concordia; this location and K2 base camp are popular trekking destinations.

The trough of this glacier is very wide. Small valley glaciers form icefalls where they meet the trunk glacier. The sidewalls vary from very steep to precipitous. The glacier has carved striations on the surrounding country rocks. Moving ice has formed depressions, which serve as basins for numerous glacial lakes.

The glacier can be approached via the important Balti town of Skardu.

A list of notable peaks adjacent to or near the Baltoro Glacier includes:

K2, 2nd highest of the world at 8611m
Gasherbrum I, 11th highest of the world at 8,080m.
Broad Peak, 12th highest of the world at 8,047m.
Gasherbrum II, 13th highest of the world at 8,035m.
Gasherbrum III, 7,946m. (Often regarded as a subpeak of Gasherbrum II.)
Gasherbrum IV, 17th highest of the world at 7,932m.
Masherbrum (K1), 22nd highest of the world at 7,821m.
Chogolisa, 36th highest of the world at 7,665m.
Muztagh Tower, 7,273m.
Snow Dome, 7,160m.
Biarchedi, 6,781 m
Uli Biaho Tower, 6,417m.
Trango Towers, 6,286m. (Their vertical faces are the world's tallest cliffs.)
Mitre Peak, 6,010m.


Pakistan Mountains Broad Peak
Broad Peak (8,047m) from Concordia
Picture appreciation:

Concordia is the name for the confluence of the Baltoro Glacier and the Godwin-Austen Glacier. The name was applied by European explorers, and comes from this location's similarity to a glacial confluence, also named Concordia, in the Bernese Oberland, part of the Central Alps.

Concordia offers the region's best place to camp for mountain enthusiasts not involved in climbing. With breathtaking views, it also offers short hikes to several important base camps: K2 (three hours), Broad Peak (two hours) and the Gasherbrums (three hours). An alternative exit to returning down the Baltoro Glacier is available by climbing the Gondogoro Pass (5450 meters).

Route Description

21 days detail itinerary

D-01 Islamabad
Arrive at Islamabad airport transfer to hotel. After refreshment welfare meetings with Alpine club of Pakistan, Afternoon city tour of Rawalpindi and Islamabad
Rawalpindi is a lively, bustling city with the crowded streets and colorful bazaars, thorough it lacks the grand monuments; nonetheless, the bazaar should appeal to anyone with the desire to see the real Pakistan.
Islamabad is new capital 36 years old well-planed city of Pakistan is lush green at the footsteps of potwar hills. Visit one of the biggest Shah Faisal mosques in the world; also an interesting round trip combines a tour of Shakespearian Park with a visit to Lok versa, the institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage.

D-02 Islamabad- Chilas
Drive to Chilas on Karakorum highway 11-12 hrs 461km, overnight at hotel
Karakorum high way is 8th wonder of the world. The Karakorum Highway was constructed jointly by the Chinese and Pakistanis, begun in 1960s and finally constructed in 1976,s as a link road between Pakistan and China. It is an engineering wonder, but at the cost of many lives.

D-03 Chilas- Skardu
Drive to Skardu along with Indus River 8-9hrs 290km, overnight at hotel

D-04 Skardu- Askoli
Drive to Askoli by jeeps via Shigar valley 6-7hrs 3000m. Overnight in camp
It is spectacular drive from Skardu to Askoli; the jeep road crosses the Braldu River three times and passes the villages of Dassu, Apligon, Pakora, Hoto chongo and Thongal. There are hot Sulphur Springs just 20 minutes behind Thongal. Around the hot springs are copper colored stones known as Limpi Kiser (Kiser Fort) King Kiser was a mythical ruler with magical powers- dozens of legends tell of his exploits in Baltistan, Nagar and Hunza valley.

D-05 Askoli- Jhola
Trek to Jhola 6-7hrs 18km 3200m, overnight in camp
The early morning light finds us beginning our trek as the Loads are distributed among the porters. Walking along the Braldu River, We pass the town of Askoli after about an hour. Another three hours' walk brings us to the Biafo Glacier. It takes 3 to 4hrs from Askoli to Korofoung at 3100m. continue trek to Jhola (4-5 hrs) you have panoramic view of Bakhor Das peak 5809m) also mighty Biafo Glacier. Follow the riverside trail to the confluence of the Biafo and Dumordo rivers. Cross the formidable Domordo River at Jhola which flows from the Panmah glaciers Camp at Jhola at 3200m.

D-06 Jhola- Paiyu
Trek to Paiyu 6-7-hrs 16.6km 3450m, overnight in camp
This is an undulating walk, difficult at times, with the first views of dramatic mountains ahead. There is a rest stop by some tamarisk trees beside the stream flowing down from Paiyu Peak, where we saw ibex tracks and fox spore. The trail climbs to a vantage point from which you see the snout of Baltoro Glacier and, in the far distance, a magnificent panorama of the Cathedral Towers and, left of them, the unmistakable triangle of K2.

D-07 Paiyu-Rest day
Free day for local exploration and Porter will prepare their food for further trek also porters slaughter goat, driven from Askoli and porters and clients sing and dance through most of the night.

D-08 Paiyu- Urdukas
Trek to Urdukas 6-7hrs 15.9km 4050m. Overnight in camp
Beautiful views of Great Trango & Uli Biaho Towers. The tail traverses the glacier angling gently towards its southeast margin. Exit the glacier in to the ablation valley at Liligo. The route alternates between the lateral moraine and the glacier, heading out on the glacier to avoid the outflow from the advancing Liligo glacier. Continue trek to Urdukas, named for the obvious split boulder. Camp with its extraordinary views of Paiyu Peak 6610m, Uli Biaho 6417m, Great Trango Tower 6286m, Lobsang Spire 5707m & the Cathedral Towers.

D-09 Urdukas- Goro-II
Trek to Goro-II 5-6hrs 12.1km 4380m. Have a spectacular view of Masherbrum 7821m & Muztagh Tower 7284m. Overnight in camp

D-10 Goro-II- Concordia
Trek to Concordia 4-5hrs 9.2km 4650m. Overnight in camp
Today it is golden opportunity to see 7000m to above 8000m peaks including mighty K-2 (8611m) Broad Peak 8047m, G-I 8068m, G-II 8035m, Sia Kangri 7422m, Muztagh Tower 7284m, G-IV 7925m, Miter Peak 6025m Golden Throne 7240m.

D-11 Concordia/K-2 BC- Concordia
Full day excursion to K-2 Base Camp and back to Concordia, K-2 is locally known by the name of "Chogori" which means " The Great Mountain " 8611m, is the 2nd highest mountain in the world.
K2 is placed on the Pakistan-China border in the mighty Karakorum Range. K-2 is rocky mountain up to 6,000m, beyond, which it becomes an ocean of snow. K-2 was firstly discovered and measured by the survey of India in 1856, and first named for English topographer Henry Godwin-Austen, who explored and surveyed the region and it was firstly climbed on July 31, 1954 by Italian climbers team lead by Ardito Desio and accompanying him were Lino Lachdelli and Achille Compagnoni.

D-12 Concordia- Ali Camp
Full day trek to Ali camp 9.5 km 5010m
The first two hours of the trek are difficult as we leave the Concordia and traverse the Baltoro Glacier and its crevasses. It's a comparatively easy and gradual walk over snow and ice, Mighty Chogolisa (25,110') stand s guard in the south. Ali Camp (16,600') a combination of small rocky platforms between the cliff Face and crevasse. We turn in early, as we have a midnight wake-up call for the departure over the Gondogoro La.

D-13 Ali Camp- Hispung
Trek to Hispung after crossing Gondogoro La Pass 5680m. Overnight in camp
We leave camp at about 1:00 a.m. to climb the Gondogoro La (5680m). For the first two hours we walk on the lateral moraine to avoid crevasses. As we get closer to the pass we shift on snow until the base of the pass. The final ascent involves a steep walk on snow and, depending on conditions, the use of fixed ropes as well as crampons and ice axe. The views from the top of the pass are unparalleled, with K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I to IV, Masherbrum, and many other mountains appearing at our level. The descent on the Hushe side is steeper, requiring god balance on the rocks.

D-14 Hispung- Dalsangpa
Trek to Dalsangpa 3-4hrs 6.8km 4300m, as we leave Hispung, we make a long traverse of the Gondogoro Glacier, first encountering small crevasses, then hiking over the soft ice of the Glacier. The last half-hour is a pleasant stroll though wildflowers, with Commanding views of the Gondogoro Glacier, Yermanadu Kangri (23,495 ft.) Masherbrum South (25,604 ft) and the Masherbrum La Camp at (13.980 ft) by two small lakes

D-15 Dalsangpa- Saicho
Trek to Saicho 3-4hrs 3330m via wild roses, Cedar and Tamarish Bushes to Saicho. Overnight in camp
We gradually leave the icy landscapes and descend to the meadow and pastureland at Saicho (12,300 ft.). Although we've left the icy wilds, we still have tremendous views of the mountains, including Namika Peak and Defokhar (21,464 ft.).

D-16 Saicho- Hushe
Trek to Hushe 4-5hrs 9.3km 3050m. Overnight in camp
Hushe, Descend to the Gondogoro River, enjoying spectacular views of K6 (23,881 ft.), K7 (22,744 ft.) and Link Sar (23,094 ft.). We continue to descend, passing through small summer settlement en route to the green irrigated fields at Hushe (10,500 ft.),
The Hushe valley runs from Masherbrum Mountains (at 7821 meters) the 24th highest in the world, first climbed by the American in 1960. South to the Shyok River, opposite Khaplu, Hushe, the last village up the valley, is about 140 kilometers east of Skardu and is the starting point for treks to various summer pastures up five glaciers.

D-17 Hushe-Skardu
Drive to Skardu 5-6hrs passing through many picturesque villages including Khapalu village, perched on vertical rocks. This part of Baltistan appears greener and more prosperous than on our drive to Thongal.
Khapalu Village: This handsome village of timber-and-stone houses and precision-made dry walls climbs up a wide alluvial fan beneath an arc of sheer granite walls. Painstaking irrigation has made it a shady, fertile oasis. As you climb its twisting track, the icy peaks of the Masherbrum Range rise on the other side of the valley. It's hard to imagine a more majestic setting near a public road anywhere in Pakistan. The main attractions are the 2600m-high village itself, the old Royal Place and even older Mosque above it at Chakchun, and the heart-stopping views. Overnight at hotel

D-18 Skardu- Chilas
Fly to Islamabad incase of flight cancellation drive to Chilas by Karakorum highway 8-9hrs. Overnight at hotel

D-19 Chilas- Islamabad
Free day in Islamabad or drive from Chilas to Islamabad 11-12 hrs. Overnight at hotel

D-20 Islamabad
Morning farewell meeting with Alpine Club, afternoon free for shopping, overnight at hotel

D-21 Fly back
Transfer to Islamabad Airport for International Flight

Land cost for 21 days K-2 BC/Gondogoro La trek 2013

Pax Price based sharing twin room & tent
07/10 Pax 2230 U$ per person
11/15 Pax 2115 U$ per person
16/20 Pax 1985 U$ per person

Services included in given price

Trekking permit 50U$ per person
Domestic flight Skardu- Islamabad
Member’s personal baggage 15 KGs per person

Islamabad: Regency hotel or guesthouse (bed & breakfast)
Chilas: Panorama hotel or Midway Shangri-La (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Skardu: Concordia Motel or Masherbrum hotel (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Transport: Air-condition van from Islamabad, Skardu, Islamabad, pick, and drop from airport to hotel, airport, and sightseeing in Islamabad etc

4 X4 Jeeps: Skardu, Askoli and Hushe, Skardu

Camping Food: Askoli K-2 base camp, Hushe

Porters: Askoli, Concordia, Hushe
Porters, wages, food, equipment, transport, and their insurance

Staff: Guide, Cook, assistant cooks
Wages, camp food, transport and their insurance

Your guides

Ilyas TuhvatullinThe Mountain Guides of ClimberCA team, working under the direction of Ilyas Tuhvatullin, who 30.05.2004 reached the summit of Mt. Everest via a demanding new line up the Central Pillar of Everest's North Face; 22.08.2007 reached the summit of K2 (Chogori) along the center of the Western face – abrupt rocky bastion etc ...

For further information and booking please e-mail us or

Camping Equipment:
D3V sleeping tent, mess tent kitchen tent, toilet tent mattress, chairs, table lamps etc

Kitchen utensils: Complete brand new kitchen utensils (crockery)

General Services: Arrange welfare meeting with Alpine Club
Assist to deposit fee and obtain trekking permit
Tips for baggage handling at airport & at hotels
Fess: (Bridge crossing, cable crossing, camping)
International flights tickets re-confirmation

Services not included in given price
International flight
Hotel meals in Islamabad (lunch & dinner)
Single supplement 250 U$ per single
If need extra low altitude porters 125 U$ per porter
Helicopter charges 6000U$ in case of use for rescue
Transfers to and from airports for participants making individual air arrangements
Optional excursions or deviations from the scheduled tour
Sleeping bag and all personal expenses such as telephone, fax, email charges, liquor or soft drinks,
Room service, gratuities for personal services, items of a purely personal nature


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